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We help organisations grow by measuring performance from the human perspective

Why we measure from the human perspective

CoEfficient is founded on the belief that businesses are simply groups of people.

And by harnessing their hearts and minds, your business can serve as a creator of positive change.

CoEfficient gives those hearts and minds a voice, ensuring your people feel heard and valued. 

This represents the largest wealth creation opportunity we have; not just for businesses, but for our communities too.

Solutions for your organization, at any size



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Surface latent insights from the data source that knows your organization the best - the staff.


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Ensuring your knowledge becomes action through partnerships with world-class business consultants.

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Leverage our experience & technology

Medium-sized food & beverage wholesaler in Washington State.

Key outcomes in 2023.

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CoEfficient Score uplift



Revenue increase

Delivered through a network of expert partners

Our network of business coaches, consultants, and HR specialists turn your data into action.

“Their platform has transformed the way we interact with clients, providing real-time insights into employee performance, resulting in exceptional client satisfaction.”

"CoEfficient's software streamlines our work and helps us deliver tailored solutions, earning us trust and loyalty from our clients."

"Working with CoEfficient means exceptional client satisfaction, as their platform empowers us with real-time, employee-centric feedback."

"Our partnership with CoEfficient has led to happier clients and improved services, all thanks to their data-driven approach."

Partner opportunities available now

Are you a business consultant, business coach or HR specialist looking to add value to your services?

Let's talk

Speak to one of our experts about how we can help you.

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